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Once upon a time in a land far far away,

the THRUSTMASTER team built  its own private i-Land...

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...with an international Airport,

and beaches, and mountains

and many other incredible places!

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Dedicated to training and product testing,

THRUSTMASTER i-Land was built for our internal use.



Many challenges are already taking place












And we have been having so much fun... is unthinkable to keep it for our eyes only.


Are you up for it?


To download access for free, enter your email address below and click on OK.  THRUSTMASTER i-Land is currently compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on PC only. 

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Your Personal Information (“PI”) is collected by Guillemot Corporation S.A. based on your consent and stored for the duration of your membership. Your PI will be processed for the purposes indicated above and be shared with our service providers. At any time, you can uninstall Thrustmaster I-Land and contact us to request the end of your membership. You can un-subscribe from our newsletter by a link in the newsletter. To find out more about the management of your PI and your rights, please see our Privacy Policy.

THRUSTMASTER i-Land  is compatible with

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

on PC only.

To get access to it for free, go on this website with your computer


DISCLAIMER: Thrustmaster i-Land is still in a beta version. It is not perfect, it's a lab.

Many things can be improved, which we will do - with YOUR help!​


Do not hesitate to give us your feedback on our brand new DISCORD.



For a more in-depth discovery, download our TECH book!
















1-How much storage do I need to install the THRUSTMASTER i-Land add-on?

The add-on itself is 14 GB but you're going to need 28 GB for the installation process .


2-Do I need to own the game?

Yes, it currently works with the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and you need to own the game to access the THRUSTMASTER i-Land add-on.


3-How do I install it?

Download the file, unzip it, launch the installer file (Thrustmaster i-Land Installer v1.00.3.exe) and follow the instructions. 


4-How can I find the Thrustmaster i-Land?

The international airport code is TMFL. The rest is up to you!


5-What is the recommanded configuration?

The recommended configuration is the same as the one for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 PC Version.


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